Is your company's data safe?

A quick 3 question test:

  • Is your backup solution completely efficient?
  • Can your data be recovered no matter what happens?
  • Does your current solution meet your performance and recovery allowable time tables?  How long can you afford to be down?


If your answer to any of the above questions is no, you are not alone. Most IT organizations continue to struggle with backup and recovery. Regardless of size, industry, or budget, information growth is the most common reason for traditional backup and recovery procedures falling short of today's recovery requirements.


Combining backup, recovery, and archiving into a single, holistic solution-based approach effectively addresses these challenges.


SMARTECH has a complete offering for backup, recovery, and archiving that includes tiered service levels, software to automate the movement of information to more cost-effective storage media, a complete service offering, and more.



Backup is a critical element of the backup, recovery, and archive strategy as it enables you to retain a secondary copy of information for information recovery purposes. Dedicated for short-term use, backup compliments the long-term archive - your primary copy of information, used primarily for information retrieval - improving availability of information by enabling point-in-time restore.

Backup solutions from SMARTECH enable you to back up and restore faster than with traditional (often tape-based) methods, improving your backup windows, reducing risk through better overall protection, increasing application uptime, and boosting IT efficiency. Adding SMARTECH archiving solutions to your backup enables you to preserve your data in tiered fashion for long-term, on a lower online active archive for accurate, fast retrieval and for compliance with information retention policies.


Recovery Management

Supporting a flexible, industry-leading recovery management strategy

SMARTECH's recovery management offerings provide organizations with a powerful, effective way to protect and recover data quickly, easily, and reliably. Recovery management, a new strategic approach to data protection, integrates traditional and emerging technologies to tier recovery services according to data value. SMARTECH's Recovery Management offerings provide the scalability and flexibility your organization demands as it changes and grows.

  • Achieve increased performance – enable the information infrastructure to keep up with information growth
  • Align protection and recovery levels to data value
  • Reduce costs associated with maintenance, support, and administration
  • Leverage existing IT investments


Online archiving delivers new efficiencies, reduced costs, and increased protection

Archiving the key data and applications your business relies on isn’t an option, it’s a business imperative. Take the work and worry out of archiving with complete solutions from SMARTECH that complement and enhance your backup and recovery processes. Moving fixed, unchanging data out of your production environment to an online archive, and backing up the production volumes to disk rather than tape, provides several benefits:

  • Streamlines backup, reducing backup windows
  • Accelerates recovery, as disk-based recoveries are faster than tape
  • Improves application performance, as the production volumes are smaller
  • Speeds retrieval of archived data, as it is now online
  • Reduces storage costs, as data is tiered to a lower cost storage platform


SMARTECH offers policy-based software that automatically moves and manages data from the production environment to your online archive, for managing email and file server applications, a specialized Content Addressable Storage archiving platform, and professional services to help you design and implement your solution.


Reduce risk, lower cost, and speed time-to-business value with SMARTECH's expert services and support. SMARTECH professionals help you achieve your business goals and realize the benefits of 100% information redundancy through real solutions —efficiently and cost effectively. From assessing your current state and identifying business goals to building a strategy—and implementing, managing, and maintaining your information infrastructure. 



Work with SMARTECH to add business continuity expertise to your enterprise and address insufficient remote recovery facilities and infrastructure.  Enjoy peace of mind with the help of SMARTECH top-rated technology services.  Our coast to coast support centers, remote support technology, best practices, and experienced field customer engineers all contribute to delivering the service you need to stay up and running 24x7.


Let us help you prepare and address the business and IT challenges in backup, recovery and archiving.



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